Musical bottles (bottle xylophone)

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Create simple instrument using bottles and play a tune


7 clear glass bottles per group. Preferably clear glass
Large jug of water for each 6
Printed paper with each note.


Need 7 bottles per six. Fill each bottle with a different amount of water to create each note in the scale C D E F G A B.

Will need experimentation to get this correct.

Tune each bottle by adding or removing water and compare each note using a guitar or a piano phone app (e.g VMPK for Android )
Tape note name onto each bottle and arrange in a scale.

Use Twinkle Twinkle song sheet to play the song "Twinkle Twinkle Little star" tune by hitting each bottle with a stick or a pen.

Alternatively just use varying amount of water in each bottle and encourage each six to make up their own "tune".
Food colouring could also be used to associate a different colour with a different note.

Each six to demonstrate their bottle xylophone by playing a tune


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