Pond dipping

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Pond dipping


Long stick, change of clothes, towel, first aid kit, pencils, paper, clipboards, blankets, plastic spoons, pond life reference materials, children to bring - nets, magnifying glasses


• Before starting, talk to beavers about safety when they are near water. Agree rules – sit them down away from the pond edge to do this. Talk about what they might find.
• Let the Beaver Scouts working in small groups with an adult dip the nets into the water and see what they find. Suggestions are that they stand sideways to the water so they are more stable or better still sit them on their bottoms rather than kneeling as this is more stable. When they have something in their nets/ tubs get them to move 2m away from the waters edge to identify creatures.
Suggest working with 3 groups of 3 and 1 group of 4: 5 groups in all. With 1 adult per group and 1 over viewing everything.
• If anything is caught put it in a container (a clean white ice-cream tub), use a plastic spoon to separate anything interesting
• Try and identify anything that is caught – use magnifiers
• Record anything interesting
• Compare to 2nd pond
• put anything back found back in the water before the swimming up ceremony



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