Cycling Badge Indoors

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Completes all sections apart from the actual ride.


Paper, pens, pencils, colours, bikes, locks, PDF attachments, inner tubes, puncture repair kits


In there sixes or 4 groups complete each base below. Each base should take around 15 mins the six then moves on to the next base.

Base 1 - Road Safety Poster
Create a poster on the important facts of cycling and road safety. Points for thought are;

Promoting wearing a helmet
Promote to having lights
Promote the Highway Code

Base 2 - Security
1. Using the attached PDF; discuss how to keep a bike safe with the YP.
2. With the six work out the best way to lock a bike with removable parts. I.E releasable wheels etc, make sure you go through them

Base 3 - Safety, Lights, Maintenance
1. Discuss why you should wear a helmet, show helmet and explain how long you should have helmet
2. Discuss how road condition and weather condition can affect your ride
3. Discuss why you should have lights
4. Discuss you of reflective clothing
5. Ask which parts of the safety equipment they currently have.
5.1 A story where maybe some of the equipment have benefited someone
6. Show how to check that the brakes are working correctly.

Base 4 - Clean, Oil and Punctures
1. Discuss how a clean bike can help with maintenance and safety and ask if they know why pushing the pedals makes the bike go forward
2. Ask for ideas on what they need to do to look after their bike, ie looking after the tyres and keeping it cleaning. Explain where to oil the change.
3. Go though a simple demonstration on how to repair a puncture.


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