be safe be seen

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this activity shows the scouts how visilble they are with reflective clothing and clean relectors and lights on their bicycles.


reflective vests, varios dark shirts, bicycle reflectors, lights/ torches, tape measure


hall needs to be as dark as possible, split the troop into 2,
give half of the group (group A) the torches and ask them to stand at one end of the room with their backs to the others (group B). put group B at the other end and allocate the different clothing to them so some are wearing dark clothes, some light and some reflective.
get group A to turn rouind and see if they can identify any of the scouts in group B. ask them to switch on their torches and shine them at group B, being careful not to shine directly into their eyes. which of them can they see better?
get group B to take a step towards group A. ask them to keep taking steps nearer and nearer until their counterparts can see them clearly - and get group A to notice how much further away they can see those with reflective,light and dark clothing, measure the differences, switch groups



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