Simple wide game with water

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Teams try to steal water from a central 'spring' and from other teams. Themes could include nuclear winter, alien invasion, pirates etc.


a plastic cup for each player, a packet of spaghetti, a bucket or washing up bowl per team, a length of rope per team, another bucket or similar full of water.


Fill each team bucket with a set amount of water, e.g. 5 cups worth. Set each team up with a 'base' whereby each bucket is surrounded by a circle of rope. A leader should stand somewhere in the centre with the rest of the water. Each player is given a length of spaghetti, which is a 'life'. The idea is that the team with the most water at the end of the game wins.
-Only water from buckets allowed. (No cheating from a nearby stream!)
-No bailing out of another team's water to reduce their supply.
-When a piece of spaghetti breaks, players have to go to a leader and get another life.
-Only members of an opposing team are allowed inside the rope circle, i.e. a team must defend their bucket from OUTSIDE the circle.
-If a player loses a life while carrying water, s/he must tip it out, and fetch another life before continuing.
-Any player using rough tactics automatically loses a life!


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