Constellation Corners

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Simple 'corners' game to teach the name and shape of 4 constellations


- 4 named and 4 unnamed pictures of constellations (see attached pictures)


Separate pictures of 4 named constellations (the Plough, Cassiopeia, Orion and Pegasus) are stuck up in different corners of the room
Young people run round and when the whistle is blown, run to a corner. Leader pulls out a counter / bottle top marked with one of the constellations' name and all people in that corner are 'out' - either eliminated or 'out' for one round. - Then the survivors run around and the process repeated. They gradually learn the name and shape of the constellations purely as a part of a game The pictures are then put up again but this time without the names - the young people have to remember them by shape


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