Spy's Photograph

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A fun way for Beavers to get to know their way around the meeting place.


Photographs of various items in and around the meeting place
A plan of the building and surrounding area


This is a good activity to use when you have new Beavers joining the Colony, as older Beaver Scouts can help them to find their way around. It could be carried out in Lodges, with older Beavers helping the younger ones to complete the task.
Tell the Beavers that a spy has been captured, and they have a number of his photographs. They have to find the objects in the photographs and plot their location on the plan of the meeting place. They should then make up a story about why the spy would be interested in these objects or locations.
You could award points for correct locations, and for the best stories.


  • New Beavers
  • outdoors
  • trail

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