Chocolate Truffles

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Simple no bake choc truffles


(For 24 Cubs!)

- 1.2kg dark chocolate
- 2 x large pot extra thick cream, very cold
- 1 x large bar white choc for dusting
- lots of teaspoons/ mug and small plate or dish per cub.
- mini cake cases, about five per cub.


Using a microwaveable mug (make sure the handles don't get hot) place about 50g chocolate in pieces, in each mug and heat on half heat in the microwave until only just melted. (Hint, make sure there is no water in the mug or on any spoons as this curdles the chocolate). Ensure the extra thick double cream is very cold, and add a heaped teaspoon to each mug. The cubs can mix vigourously with a spoon, and the mixture should become stiff. Leave to one side while the cubs place some grated white chocolate onto a small plate. Using two teaspoons, make 'quenelles' of chocolate and roll in the white chocolate. Place into the mini cake cases to set properly.


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