Log Candle

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Using a split log to create a candle wich can also be used to cook on


One whole log about 2foot in length per Patrol, Split into quaters
wire long enough to go all the way round the log
twigs ablut a fingers dia
cotton wool coated in Vaseline
and some shorter larger twigs to create a small fire on top of log
choc biscuits
anything you want to cook on your log candle


First of all split the log into quarters then using the wire tie the quarters back together about 1/4 way up the log. Using some of the larger twigs (about a fingers dia) push these down into the splits, this will open the splits up but also stop the embers from falling all the way down the log. push some of your coated cotton wool into the splits then using your tinder and larger twigs build up your fire on top of the log as would do normally. As the embers fall down the crack they will catch the log internally.

We are cooking Sausgaes on sticks and marshmallows for smores but you can cook what ever you like as you can put a pan on top just watch the log, as it burns it will get to the point where it will be unstable.


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