Easter Egg Forfeits

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An Easter Egg hunt with a difference


Hollow plastic eggs or cardboard egg shapes


You need one egg per child. Write forfeits on slips of paper and put one in each egg (or write onto cardboard eggs). Hide the eggs and get the children to find one each. When every child has found one, they take turns to carry out the forfeit.

Forfeits can be anything you like - sing a song, recite a nursery rhyme, make animal noises, pretend to be a train, etc.

* Run around the hall flapping your arms like chicken wings
* Run around the hall clucking like a chicken
* Stand on one leg, rub your tummy and pat your head
* Hop across the hall on your left foot, and back to where you started on your right foot
* Crawl around the hall making squeaky noises like a bunny rabbit


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