Where did they fall?

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Follow the names on the local war memorial to see where they fell and were buried


Large World Map mounted on board to hang on wall
Map pins (including one stuck on your home town)
wool (preferably five different colours)
Individual entries from http://www.roll-of-honour.com/ printed out and stuck on to 4x6 cards and placed in box


Sit the Scouts down and explain that between 1914 and 1918 a great many men and boys, some of them not much older than they are, marched off to fight in the First World War: and that many never came back.
The objective is to:
1. pick a card from the box
2. Look up where that person died and where they were buried, or where their death was commemorated
3. Go to the map and place a pin where they were buried
4. connect the newly entered pin and the home town with a length of wool. Choose a colour code and use a different colour for each year of the war.
5. Repeat with another name

Ask the scouts to remember as much as they can about the individual people named on the memorial

When all names have been pinned up, sit the Scouts down again and ask them their thoughts: e.g.
Were they surprised how far afield people fell?
Were there any women?
Who was the youngest person?
Where did the most people fall?
Were they surprised that for so many, there is no known grave>


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