The Solar System and others

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This is a series of slides and images that can be used with the new Beaver Space badge. It has items to help remember the order of the Planets and many fun facts of the Solar System


2 x standard Toilet Rolls (Clean and full)
Glow Stars or Glow in the Dark Paint with pots and brushes (fabric paint pens work great with small blobs showing up constellations great!)


For the Solar System Model
Using the resources and the toilet roll, unroll one roll slowly, with the help of the Beavers. A standard toilet roll sheet is relative to 10,000,000 miles in the model......
As each "planet" is reached, a Beaver stands to represent the planet. Note: The furthest "planet" is 280 sheets of paper away from the Sun, so you need a relatively large space!

For the Constellations spotting:
Print the two easily spotted constellations (The Plough and Orion).
Stick glow-stars onto the sheet or paint the stars and allow to dry
"charge" the glow-stars and display in a dark environment
Try and then spot the two in the outside sky. This is best achieved as part of the winter programme, as it gets dark earlier, unless you are on an outside camp


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