Bearings and Map Reading

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Understanding bearings by calculating bearings for a walk around the edge of the campsite


Map of the campsite
Pen and paper to record bearings
(Route Cards)


Cubs will be walking around the campsite later in the day, and will be following the bearings that they calculate in this activity.

Cubs to work in small groups (pairs or threes dependent on number of cubs).
Each group to have a map of the campsite and a compass.
Starting at the hut, work out bearings to get all the way around the edge of the site.
NB. the edge of the campsite may need to be simplified slightly so that there isn't too many bearings required to get all the way around.

Generic route card is attached - this may not be needed, but could be a useful addition if the cubs plan to walk further afield.


  • hike preparation
  • Outdoor Challenge

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