Life Size Substance Abuse Info Posters

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An creative activity to show the effects of drugs, alcohol and smoking on the body.


A large roll of paper. (Big enough to draw around a scout). Felt pens. Factsheets on drugs, alcohol and smoking.


Work in teams of 4.
1. Each team is given a large sheet of paper. Large enough for a scout to lay on. One member of the team draws around them. - This is way more fun than it sounds!
2. Give extra 5-10 minutes to colour in and draw facial features. Write team name on the sheet and choose a name for your person.
3. Talk though each drug and the negative effects on the body. Ask questions as you go, don't just tell them. Scouts must draw the effects onto their diagram. Eg: Lungs, Liver etc. They should also draw arrows and write around the edge of the body.
4. Discuss afterwards. Award points for the best poster. Hang up on the walls.


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  • drugs
  • fitness Challenge
  • Smoking

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