Zebra, Pelican or Puffin road crossing

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This is a very lively running around game which starts with the children standing in a circle. It will help if the children have already been introduced to different types of road crossings beforehand.


None http://think.direct.gov.uk/education/early-years-and-primary/docs/out_of_school_booklet.pdf


Each child in the circle is named in turn Zebra, Pelican or Puffin (after three types of road crossing).
The leader stands in the centre of the circle and calls out one of the names, e.g. Pelican! At this signal, all the pelicans run around the outside of the circle, clockwise, back to their places last one back sits down and is out.
Do this several times, ensuring that all three groups get at least two turns.
If you are brave you can call out two at once or one while another is still running.
For older children add an extra element that they must change direction if they hear a clap (or if you shout change!).

Children sitting down have chances to get back into the game by answering questions about road crossings in between the running, eg
Does a zebra crossing have traffic lights? Further questions are:
True or false, a pelican crossing has a green man. (True)
What does a flashing green man mean? (Do not start crossing)
Which type of crossing has stripes on the road? (Zebra crossing)
Does a puffin crossing have a green man signal on the near or far side of the road? (near)
What do we call a place where you need to stop half way across a road? (An island)
What rules do you need to follow when using a pedestrian crossing? (The Green Cross Code)
What two things should you do when using a zebra crossing? (Look and listen)


  • green cross code

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