Around the World in 60 minutes

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Beavers travel the world, finding out about Fair trade and tasting some foods


passports (sheet below folded into quarters), pens, country facts (1 country fact page per Beaver), food to taste (countries may need to be adjusted depending on food available with Fair Trade logos), globe/map


(1) Beavers arrive: Issue passports to Beavers and they write their name on the front and draw a picture of themselves in the box.
(2) Prep for trip. Sit in a circle and talk about Fair Trade.
(3) Beavers set up chairs in pairs, in a line facing one direction like on a plane. Need to show passport before sitting down (Leader to judge if passport likeness is a true reflection of passport holder!). Beavers sit and down and Leader does the welcome aboard this "Beaver Flight, your captain is, there are 2 exits ...etc etc". Beavers stick out relevant arm (to be wing/tail of plane), Beavers at front can be the pilots and all Beavers can make the appropriate take off sounds! Great fun if you pretend to go up and down and bank to the sides!
(4) First stop - plane "lands" and Beavers split into 2 groups and go to bases. Both bases do the same thing and discuss....
- Where are we? Talk about country facts.
- What Fair trade crops grow in this country? Bring out the relevant bowl and let the Beavers taste
- Beavers write/stick relevant country sheet into their passport
- back onto plane - take off and land noises again...
(5) Second stop repeat activity, but with second food.
(6) Repeat for third and fourth stops and then arrive "home".
As Beavers "arrive" and leave the "plane", stamp their passports with the date. Look at map/globe to see where we've been

Helpers to prep food into 4 bowls, 2 per base, as Beavers arrive and set up the tables for bases whilst Beavers talk about Fair Trade.


  • fair trade
  • taste food

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