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Removing the smell from orange flower water


2 pots, funnel, coffee filter, pipette, stirrer, orange flower water, activated carbon (available from pet shops), beaker


1 Ask the Beavers if it is possible to remove a smell from something
2. Prepare filter and place in funnel
3. Fill the filter 3/4 full with activated carbon
4. Clean the carbon by pouring 60ml water into the funnel, this will create bubbles. Leave to stand until all water has passed through then throw the water away.
5. Pour 60ml clean water into a beaker and add two drops of orange flower water and mix
6. Smell mixture - if there is no smell, add another two drops
7. Very gently and slowly pour mixture over contre of zctive carbon. Leave until all has passed throup ahnd smell again.
8. To run this base again, clean the activated caarbon with 60ml water as before.
9. Wast hands



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