World Cup Country Relay

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Activity to teach countries and flags of the world, linked to the Football World Cup. Each group (Six or part of) has to find the location of each of the hosting countries of the World Cup since it started and colour these in on a map of the world. They also have to find the matching flag and add this to the map. An element of competition is included by limiting the time available and marking each group on how accurate they have been and how many countries they have managed to include.


Map of the World with countries marked.
Flags sheet with each of the flags of the host countries.
Blank world map for each group.
List of years and hosts for the world cup.
Colour pencils.



At one end of the hall, place the Map of World and the flags sheet. (Multiple can be used to relieve congestion).
Give each group a Blank World Map, the list of years and hosts and some coloured pencils.


Only 1 cub from each group can go to the end of the hall to look at the world map and the flags.
They can visit the maps as many times as they like and it can be a different cub each time.
Their task is to colour in all of the host countries on the blank map, along with their flag, the country name and the year.
They to check the map and the flag sheet as many times as they wish, but they have to remember the information and communicate it to the rest of their group.

Objective / Scoring:

Correctly complete as much of the blank map within the time limit.

Each correct flag - up to 5 points
Each correct country - up to 5 points

You can also hold back the information that this is a list of Football World Cup years and award a point if the group can work it out for themselves.


  • Activities indoors
  • competiton
  • flag colouring
  • Global Challenge
  • world games

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