Indoor Dragon Boating

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Prepare for an outing to a dragon boating centre or just doing a programme about Chinese New Year, this is a great activity to encourage team work and coordination


Enough chairs for everyone
An item for each person to use as a paddle
List of command


- Lay out chairs (enough for everyone) in two lines, next to each other. Place one chair facing the other way at the front of the rows
- Get each person to sit on a chair, the drummer at the front
- The drummer needs to set a steady pace and the others on the command of go will start to paddle
- Try and get the entire group going at the same time and keeping in time with the drum (as a slight addition have a leader or young leader assigned to each team and every time the team take one stroke all together in time with the drum the leader takes one pace - the teams then race their leader across the hall....)
- As the group improve you can add more commands


  • Chinese New Year
  • Dragon boat
  • game
  • indoors

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