Mini Paralympics

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A Short Paralympic Session which can be used for Athletics and toward Disability Awareness


Bean Bags, Tennis Balls, Buckets, Hoola Hoops, Tape Measure


1. Take part in an appropriate warm-up and warm-down routine, led by a suitable person (eg adult, Young Leader or Scout), using all the main muscle groups. For example: skipping, running on the spot, stretching both arms high above the head and then relaxing down, bending the knees and dropping the head, rolling the head slowly around, tensing and relaxing the shoulders

2. Explain the most appropriate clothing to wear and how to be safe when taking part in athletic activities.

3. Talk about the concept of the paralympics and discuss what young people understand about disability. Talk about the difficulties that can be faced as well as some sporting (or other) heroes with disabilities.
o Examples
o Tanni Grey-Thompson (wheelchair user) - began her paralyis career in 1988 and won 11 Gold Medals up intil 2004!
o Kelly gallagher (partially sighted) - Won Britains first ever Winter Paralympic Gold at Sochi in Russia in 2014
o Ben Cohen (has 33% hearing loss)- English Rugby Union World Cup winner - scored 267 points in total and won the Rugby World Cup with England in 2003
o Mat Gilbert (profoundly deaf) – The only deaf player in the Rugby Union Premiership (feb 2014)
0 Ashley Fiolek (profoundly deaf) – The youngest ever female American National Motocross Champion
o Tom Cruise (dyslexic) - He's quite a famous actor!
0 Bill Clinton (Hearing impaired) - Used to be the President of America!
0 Albert Einstein (Aspergers) - Still managed to be a quite amazing scientist!
0 Stephen Hawking (Has Motor Neurone Disease and is almost entirely paralysed) - He may not be able to speak on his own but is a very famous Theoretical Scientist

4. Take part in one of these throwing activities (blindfold with a partner to help them to aim):

o Throw a tennis or cricket ball, both over arm and under arm, as far you can
o Throw three bean bags into a bucket, increasing the distance each time
o Throw a football-sized ball, using a chest push and overhead throw, as far as you can in the right direction.

5. Take part in two of the following running activities, trying your best:

o Shuttle run 6 X 10m
o 50m skip with a rope (blindfold with a guide)
o 50m sprint (keeping hands behind backs, NOT tied for safety!)
o 25m sack race (blindfold with a guide)
o 25m egg and spoon race (with one hand behind their back to see how they cope with not holding their eggs or dropping them!)
o 400m run (either blindfold with a guide or with hands behind backs).

5. Take part in one of the following team activities:

o 4 x 50m hopping relay
o Team assault course (blindfolded with a guide)
o Assisted blindfold race

6. Take part in one of the following jumps, going as far or as high as you can (keeping your hands behind your back to see the effect it has):

o Sargent jump
o Standing jump
o High jump
o Long jump


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