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Activity to involve the Pack in decisions about Programme. Good exercise for first meeting of a new pack or time of year when there are a lot of new members. Enables leader to quickly get an idea of interests of the Cubs.


Flashcards - pre-prepared (activity ideas on one side, relevant badges on the other)


Split the pack into teams. Place groups of the flashcards, activity side up, in different places around the room. Give the groups 3 minutes at each card station to pick one activity each that they would like to do. Move the groups around until each Cub has picked an activity from each corner. Bring the group together in a circle. Put all the activities in the centre and look at what's been chosen. Turn them over and look at which badges they would count towards.


  • Badges
  • getting to know each other
  • getting to know the Troop
  • group activity
  • Programme planning
  • Seconders
  • Sixers
  • warm up

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