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may pole dancing


maypole (carpet role inner 2.5- 3m),
ribbons (17 x 2 different colours at least 4 -4.5m long),
parasol base,
music (Runrig is good)


Erect the maypole on the parasole base AND get someone to sit on the base to keep it stable.
Perform the Maypole dance. Play music, have an even number around 1 maypole. 1st walk, then try skipping.
Dance 1 : get all of the children to all go around in the same direction. After they have gone as far as they can, then get them to unwind again.
Dance 2 :Get 1/2 to go clockwise on the outside, whilst the other half go anticlockwise on the inside, Again unwind at the end.
Dance 3 : Get every other one to stand still whilst their conterpart weaves in and out of them. Them swap turns.



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