Making a model of a bike using 2p coins

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As part of the Grand Depart - Tour de France challenge we collected lots of 2p coins over the course of a few weeks and created a model of a bike. The money collected to be donated to charity.


£20 minimum in 2p coins.
Tape to mark the outline on the ground.
An indication of size is having the wheel diameter around 100cm.


We collected about £35 in 2p coins to use for this activity. Of course you can use any coin denomination you wish but the measurements/volume needed will need to be adjusted.
Tape out the outline onto a rug, paper, floor space.
Each young person was then given a cup of 2p coins (about 50p at a time) and in 3s and 4s go to add to the bike frame. Each coin has to touch the next coin with no gaps. If you have a lot of coins you can double up each row.
We also made a road and a sun with the extra 2ps.
Obtain a real sense of achievement when it's finished!



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