Germany Evening

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Learn about life in Germany




5.45 – 6.00 Coming In

Colour in flag (but don’t have Germany written on it)
Design and colour in their own flag

6.00 – 6.15 Riverbanks

PowerPoint of Germany

Scouting in Germany – no single organisation, 150 separate, no single promise, picture of German black scout tent, when did it start (1909) (Scouting started 1907)

Ich verspreche mein bestes zu tun, nach dem Pfadfindergesetz zu leben;
Ich bitte Gott und meine Freunde, mir dabei zu helfen

I promise to do my best to live by the Scout law;
I pray to God and my friends to thereby help me

6.15 – 6.20 Speaking German

Count to 10

One- eins (ints [long -i sound])
Two- zwei (tsvy)
Three- drei (dry)
Four- vier (feer)
Five- fünf (foonf)
Six- sechs (zecks)
Seven-sieben (zeeben)
Eight- acht (ahkt)
Nine- neun (Noyn)
Ten- zehn (Tsayn)

Hello, goodbye

"Guten morgen" (goo-tin morgen)"Good Morning"
"Auf Wiedersehen" or "Wiedersehen" (owf vee-dair-zayn) "Good-bye"
"Tschüss!" (choos!) "Bye!"

6.20 – 6.40 Play Country Search

Print out Excel game file – one whole set per lodge (total 10 pages)
Cut out the pictures, keep as sets for each lodge

Put all the pictures from a set on a table (one table per lodge)

Give each lodge a set of answer sheets and a table to work on.
Beavers take it in turns to run up to their picture table and grab one picture. They take back to their lodge and try to work out which answer sheet to put it on.
When they have collected all the pictures and put them all on answer sheets they are finished. Score each lodge when finished – 1 pt per correct picture.

6.40 – 6.55 Taste German foods

Sausages / Frankfurters
Salami, etc.
Pumpernickel bread
Bavarian smoked cheese
Beer – show, not taste!!! 


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