Gurning competition

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A brief competition based on the British tradition of gurning.


A few pictures from the internet to give the children ideas.


Explain the background of gurning: a gurn is a distorted facial expression. The Egremont Crab Apple Fair in Cumbria is the venue of the World Gurning Championships annually, in September. Contestants put their head through a horse collar and pull their best face. The fair dates back to 1267 but we don't know when the gurning competition started but it was already an old tradition in 1852. At the fair they also have other competitions, including greasy pole climbing.

Give the children some time to come up with their best "gurn". You might want to give them some pictures of people gurning to give them ideas. Then in their lodges bring them up in front of the colony. The leaders can be the judges and pick their favourite from each lodge. When one child has been selected from each lodge, have those children demonstrate their face in turn again in front of the colony. when they have all done their gurn, get the Beavers to vote on which is their favourite. Their favourite is the winner!

Attached Horse Collar template can be used for an authentic head through the collar View or picture if desired


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