Germ Free

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To increase awareness of immunisation.


3 coloured bands to wear around the body or three different coloured T-shirts.
Sticky dots in the same three colours.


This game needs 12-15 players. 3 members of the group are germs and each wears a band or t shirt: measles - red band, whooping cough - yellow band, polio - blue band.

Give each of the remaining members of the group two different coloured sticky dots to show they have been immunised against two of the three diseases and instruct them to keep them hidden in their hands. Give each person three lives.

The 'germs' chase the others and when they catch one, that person has to show the dots in his/her hand. If he/she has a dot of the same colour as the germ, he/she has been immunised, and is set free. If he/she does not have a dot of the same colour he/she is out or loses a life. This aim is to remain germ free for as long as possible


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