Mobile Incident Hike

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Incident Hike: leaky water. Created so that the bases were mobile and could be run with normal number of leaders. All of the equipment can be carried by the cubs


Kit list
2 litres of water per pack/team
1 bucket per pack/team
1 billy per pack/team
2 broom handles per pack/team
Plastic cups with holes put in the bottom
Food dye (optional)


You are out on a hike and have run out of water. You find a river and decide to collect some water to take back to base. Each pack needs to work together to get as much of the water back to base as you can. As you follow the trail you will come across challenges where you may lose some water. The aim is to come back with as much water as possible. For details see the file


  • Hike
  • Incident Hike
  • Water carrying challenge

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