Bush Tracking

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Outdoor tracking and other basic stuff


An area large enough to follow a trail
Rope or string
Camp Fire


Activity 1 - Stalking
Teach the Beavers how to stalk quietly in a wooded area.
Placing your feet on the ground using the heel toe method they should be able to make there way to a point without making a noise
Then you can army crawl on your knees and elbows in a similar fashion

Activity 2 - Hearing
Gather all the Beavers together and ask them to close their eyes and listen
After a minute or so ask them what they heard and discuss

Activity 3 - Sensory trails - Seeing
Tell the Beavers to move their eyes in a figure of eight movement when doing this activity. Looking high and low.
Follow a trail and see if you can spot the various animals along the route.
A leader would have placed various plastic creatures along a route
At the end of the trail ask each Beaver how many did they spot.
Go back along the trail and pick up all the creatrures.

Activity 4 - Sensory trails - Feeling
The Beavers work in pairs, one is blindfolded and the other is the guide person and they can only use verbal instructions
A rope trail is laid out between trees with various obstacles in the way
The blindfolded Beavers starts by holding onto the rope and walking slowly around the course
The Guide Beaver gives instructions based on what they can see
Once the course is completed get the Beavers to swap roles and go again
When all the Beavers have completed the course get them into a group and discuss what they have just done

Activity 5 - Knot tying
Gather the beavers into a group and demostrate the REEF knot using some string
Split the Beavers into pairs and ask them to try and follow the instructions to produce a reef knot
Ask the Beavers where they could see this knot on their uniforms?

Activity 6 - Camp Fire Marshmallows
Split the Beavers into small groups
Give each Beaver a kebab skewer and advise on how to hold them
Give each Beaver a marshmallow to place onto the skewer
Advise how to approach the camp fire and tell them about the hazards and the safety rules
If help is needed then an adult helper should jump in and lend a hand


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