Newspaper Origami Plant Pots

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Recycle old newspapers in to plant pots


Newspapers, compost, seeds


Use this site for instructions, or attached file. (alternative website (slightly easier)

1. Make up origami seed pot
2. Add compost - pack in quite tight to make sure that the pot stands upright
3. Plant a seed (sunflowers & courgettes work well as they tend to grow quickly, are quite sturdy and child-proof!)
4. Send seed home - instruct Beavers/parents to put in a bowl or recycled plastic container before watering.
5. Take care of seed - keep on a window sill or somewhere warm and with lots of light. Keep soil moist, but try not to overwater as the newspaper might lose shape or start to disintegrate - a good measure is a little yoghurt pot every few days or whenever the soil and paper is dry to touch.
6. Once you have a strong stalk and 2 or three sets of leaves, you can plant the while pot outdoors. For sunflowers and courgettes, it's good to do this after the last frosts. Approx April - June (or follow instructions on seed packet!!!).
7. To link in with Gardener Activity Badge, talk about what tools you might need to plant the seed outdoors (spade/trowel, watering can) and how you can used them safely. Think about other tools in the garden that you use to keep it tide and look after it. When you're planting a seed, what do you need to look out for, etc?


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