Commonwealth Games - Teams

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Find out about countries taking part in the Commonwealth Games


Colouring in sheets:
Flags from different countries (1 per lodge)


1. Allocate each lodge a country
2. Give them a copy of the flag to colour or copy
3. Give each member of the lodge a colouring in mascot sheet from a different sport (so that there is a mixture of sports in the lodge)
4. Once they have a flag and different sportsmen from their country, ask the Beavers to try and find out more about their country, the flag and the sport that their mascot is playing - they can add their facts to the sheet or add pictures from the internet, etc to be as informative as possible.
5. If using for Global Challenge Badge - learn the Scout promise and/or a greeting from that country
6. If using for Friendship Challenge Badge - learn about life in that country, e.g. currency, weather, food, language, etc.


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