Pioneering - ship wreck

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A mini pioneering activity that could link with a shipwreck theme


Old tent canvas (or a bowl)
Sticks/ Canes/ Small pioneering poles
Lengths of wood (now if you could get driftwood it would be more authentic)
Tent Pegs
Old guy lines


Explain that they have been shipwrecked on a desert island
- All they have left are the broken bits of their boat and some remains of an old tent
- They have to solve three problems – firstly they must dry their soaking clothes before they get hypothermia, secondly they must make a scraper to get rid of the marshy sand that got stuck to their shoes as they waded ashore and finally they need a water container raised off the ground so that small animals don’t drink from it
- Let them experiment with the materials you have available the attached sheet contains some ideas, but they are not the only solutions to the problem
- You may decide to give each team something different to make or if time and materials allow challenge them to complete as many of the projects as they can


  • Camp Craft
  • knots and lashings
  • outdoors
  • pioneering

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