Wide Game - Prisoners of War

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Scouts must infiltrate the enemy camp, rescue the prisoners and return them home (one at a time).


Woodland or wide area with hiding places and raw eggs


Each team has 6 prisoners (coloured or marked eggs) in the enemy's base. Teams must infiltrate the enemy base, rescue the prisoners (one at a time) and bring them back to their home base.

The prisoners have been injured and so are very delicate, so care must be taken when bringing them back to your base.

The winners are the first team to bring all their prisoners home. If neither team has rescued all of their prisoners within an hour, then the team with the most rescued prisoners will be the winner.

* No fighting, rugby tackling, hitting, kicking, pushing or deliberate sabotage.
* The prisoners are not to be guarded, however a 10m perimeter of your bases can be guarded.
* If prisoners are injured further whilst being rescued, then they must still be brought back to their home base in whatever state they are in.
* If you are caught (touched) by the opposite team while rescuing a prisoner, then they may take the prisoner back without a fight.



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