Space - the planets

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Space badge - planets


White card
Crayons / paint
thin wire / thread
Facts about planets
Picture of solar system
Station names for stations game


Game - Alien planets - hula hoops on the floor/drawn circles, numbered 1-6, Beavers run 'alien-style' around the room and on the whistle, jump onto a planet (hoop). throw dice, number thrown is out / lose a life (use pegs attached to jumper/necker)

Log Chew - Show a picture of the solar system - ask what it shows.
Discuss the different things in it e.g.. the Sun - it's a star, planets-large balls which move around the sun, comet - dirty snowball of ice which travels around the sun to the far reaches of the solar system, moons - go around the planets, satellites, space station, junk - why are they there?
What do they know about them? Can they name the planets?

Stations game - Pictures around the room of the planets. Give simple fact about a planet, run to the one you think it might be about e.g.. nearest to the Sun, hottest, biggest, has lots of rings, has liquid water, has a huge storm, furthest from the Sun etc.

Organise the planets into order from the Sun. MVEMJSUN Can they think of a way to remember the order? My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Names

Make their own planets - cut circles and ovals which can slide together see link ( ), paint or colour with crayons etc. Hang up.

Songtime - 5 little men in a flying saucer.



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