"Dad Rock's" paperweight

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Making paperweights for the Beavers to give to their Dad's for Father's Day


Air drying clay, small stones such as those used in fish tanks, cling film, paper plates, small pointy tool (a pencil can be used if nothing else available)


Give each child a paper plate with a small amount of cling film on it. Give them each a small chunk of air drying clay. (I have found that 160g per child is adequate). The children should roll it into a smooth ball and then squash it out on the clingfilm into an oval shape. The should use the pointy tool to gently outline the letters of "DAD ROCKS" on two lines on the clay. When they are happy with how it looks, they should then push the little stones onto the lines so that the stones make the words on the clay. The children can take them home and hide them until they are dry and give them to their Dads for Father's Day.


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