Selfless Acts Presentation

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Scouts prepare a presentation based on 'Selfless Acts'


Paper and Pens
(laptop, projector, screen for actual presentation to parents)


Scouts to work in their patrols.

Each PL given one of the following titles:

What makes a hero?
What is a Selfless Act?
Do you have to be a hero to do a selfless act?
What's in a selfless act for me?
How does a selfless act fit with our promise and law?
So ... what, as a troop, can we do?

Patrols given 15-20 minutes to brainstorm the above sentence/question. Then they need to write a brief summary. Ideas for PowerPoint presentation (inc. video clips if deemed suitable) to be written down/drawn out on the paper and a leader will put together the PPT for next weeks presentation to parents.

What's in it for me:
Friends Clip - Joey and Pheobe discussing whether a selfless act is truely selfless:


  • AGM
  • Helping others
  • presentation
  • selfless act

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