Photography Competition

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Young people compete in groups to take photos from a list using cameras or mobile phone cameras. From POL


Projector / Screen to share photos


Ask the young people to bring their mobile phones with cameras to the meeting. Find out at the previous meeting if enough Scouts will have camera phones (If not you may need to provide disposable cameras or digital cameras)

- At the start of the meeting, explain the activity, and the boundaries you are using
- If going outside the meeting place, ensure there is appropriate adult supervision in the local area
- Give a definite time to be back in the meeting place to share the results
- Once all the groups return, have a show and tell of the different photos captured
- Decide upon a winner, and a 'best photo' for the whole Troop

- The attached list is a suggestion of different photos to capture, which can be adapted to suit your time limit or the theme you are using. Allow for flexibility of interpretation!


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