Fire Flints and Fire Lighters

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Cubs make fire flints and fire lighter


Flints - (Per Cub)3" piece of dowelling (with hole drilled), 1" length of old haksaw blade (with hole drilled), 6" twine, 3 flints, superglue, and tweezers. Fire Lighters - cardboard egg boxe, candle wax, wood shavings and cotton wool


Flints, using haksaw blade cut a 1" groove along the dowelling, put a dab of superglue in it and then using tweezers place 3 flints on the glue, allow to dry then using the twine thread through the dowelling and blade and tie off. Firelighters - melt candle wax pour a small amount into the egg box, whilst still soft put wood shavings and cotton wool on top, then allow to cool.


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