Game: Grab-a-stick

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Keep your stick from falling to the ground or you're out


Gadget sticks. Above waist height.


Form a circle with everyone about 1-2 meters apart from each other. Hold your pole/stick out in front of you with one end on the ground.
If the leader shouts LEFT, everyone must let go of their poles leaving them to hold itself up (but it won't be long before it falls over), you must move to pole to the left of you and grab it before it hits the ground. If you do not grab it in time you are out.
If the leader shouts RIGHT, everyone must let go of their poles and grab the pole to the right.
If the leader shouts SPIN, everyone must let go of their poles and spin 360 degrees on the spot.
Winner is the last person standing.

You can make it even more fun by making up your own commands such as shake hands, star jump, touch your toes, clap 3 times etc etc.


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