Subbuteo World Cup

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World cup subbuteo. Ten minute games, leading to the grand final. In the process developing knowledge of world wide scouting


Subbuteo pitches, teams nets and balls (will find that many parents will have teams tucked away, good opportunity to engage parents). If need to purchase amazon good place to start. Small plane cards


Draw teams. Each scout and leader has one team. Follow the World cup schedule. Any country not assigned is an automatic 0:0 draw. Give cards to each scout and ask them to find out details of the country they are representing for next week. You decide criteria (size, population, number of local scouts etc) this will form basis of a top trump set that will emerge over the weeks as they complete the cards.
Then play! 5 minutes each way. One scout to referee each game (see wickapedia for rules). Also a good time for non playing scouts waiting on a game to do law and promise or similar. Spread over three weeks. Running time dependent on how many pitches in operation at once. Good if leaders play as well.


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