Types of Clouds

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To get the Scouts to guess the types of clouds and their heights


Print outs of clouds and height sheets


* Place each of the height sheets on the floor along the length of the room.
* Give each patrol an envelope containing the pictures with the names of the clouds with their patrol name written on each picture.
* A leader reads out a description of a cloud from the types of cloud sheet without reading out the height or the name.
* Each patrol then has 30 seconds to decide which type of cloud was described and how high they are.
* Award points for the correct type of cloud and the correct height of the cloud.

Complete how to make clouds experiment as below:-
Scouts put about 1 inch warm water in bottle (move around sides to clear steam if necessary) let match burn and then blow out and drop in the bottle to represent dirt particles in atmosphere. Do up lid and lay bag of ice cubes over the top of the bottle. A cloud will gradually form below the ice. A sheet of dark paper can be held behind to make it easier to see the cloud.



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