World Cup Challenge

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World Cup related activities


Small Coloured Flags
Information sheet for each nation taking part including the local greeting
Skittles (or something similar)
A Goal with targets
Small plastic balls or bean bags
Beach Ball or Balloon
Score Cards


1. Target Shots
Set up some skittles in whatever format you like
Mark out a distance away to be the kicking line
Kick a ball towards the skittle and knock them skittles
How many they knock down is how many points they receive and noted on the scorecards
Each person has three goes each

Skittles, Footballs, Scorecards

2. Penatly shootout
Set up a goal with either targets or have holes for the ball to pass through
Mark out a distance away to be the penalty spot
Each target has a different value 1 to 3
Each person has 3 shots
The final tally is added to the scorecard

Goal, Football, Scorecard

3. Throw In Challenge
Set up some hoops and a distance away the throw in line
Each hoop has a different value based on difficulty - 1 to 3
Each person will get 20 seconds to throw as many balls into the hoops
At the end of the 20 seconds the total is noted on the scorecard

Small balls, Hoops, Stopwatch, Scorecard

4. Keepy Up Challenge
Give each person a ball to practise with
Each person will then take it in turns for 20 seconds to see how many keepy ups they can do
How many keepy ups they can do in 20 seconds is the final score and is noted on the scorecard

Football, Stopwatch, Scorecard

5. Beach Ball (Outodoor)/ Balloon (Indoor) Football - 2 Minutes each game
Each match is played in their respective lodges
Normal football match rule apply

Each player within the Winning team will receive 3 Point each
Each player within the Drawing team will receive 1 Point each
No points will be awarded to each person on the loosing team

A v B C v D A v C B v D A v D B v C

Stopwatch, Scorecards

In the event of a tie - Rock, Paper, Scissors (Shoot, Goal, Save) shall be played to find the eventual winner
Similar to rock paper scissors:
Shoot beats Goal
Goal beats Save
Save beats Shoot


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