Edible Campfire

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This activity was taken from Join-in-Jamboree - May - Scouting Skills (Programmes Online)


Paper plates. 1 Rich Tea biscuit. 4 chocolate fingers. 8/12 mini marshmallows.
Fondant icing red/orange. Green coloured desiccated coconut. Shredded Wheat.


- Cover the biscuit with icing.
- Make a circle of coconut (clear the turf from the fire circle).
- Make a ring of marshmallows (make a circle of stones to stop the fire spreading -
leave gaps for air circulation to the bottom of the fire.
- Sprinkle on the Shredded Wheat (lay on the kindling wood).
- Fix on the chocolate matchsticks with water icing (pile on the logs).
- Make a flame shape with the fondant icing and attach with water icing.
- The campfire is alight!



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