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A real-life version of monopoly where scouts go to places, buy them and charge rent to other scouts who try to buy them!


Printouts of a customised monopoly board.
One mobile phone and leader per team with free text messages (you'll send a lot!)


In summary, you have a monopoly board with house numbers & road names from your local area on it. Each team of 2 or 3 scouts starts with £600 and races to the first property that they want to buy. They buy it, and the leader with them texts all other leaders to say that they now own that property. The leader writes down the owner on their board (and obviously doesn't show it to the scouts). When the next group of scouts go to buy a house that has been purchased already, the leader with them will already know, so then debits their money by the rent (50% of purchase price) and sends a text to the owner to say they now have more money.

Scouts can visit estate agents to buy hotels, car parks to get free money and every ten minutes, roll a dice to get a chance/community chest (to win/lose money). They can go back to "go" (the scout hut) to answer questions about the local community to get their Guide badge and £400 (we printed a map, stuck it to the door, and asked scouts to identify key locations and show us the quickest route to the hut).

We tweaked the rules a little (50% chance to get a chance/community chest), rent = 50% of purchase price, 100% if they have all houses of the same colour, or 100% if they have a hotel on it. Hotels costed 20% of the house price.


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  • local area

Badge Links

  • Guide - Local knowledge
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