Mop Wars

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Ice Hockey with MOPS!!!


i) ground sheet - pegged down in each corner (make sure pegs are right down so the cubs don't trip on them)
ii) old fashioned mops (1 per team member)
iii) water and washing-up liquid
iV) big sponge


prepare the ground sheet by making it slippery with soapy water. Try to ensure the ground underneath is clear of stones, branches, etc - as the cubs will slip and slide.

2 teams (size of team depending on number of cubs playing and size of groundsheet)
each cub with an old fashioned mop
all players must remove shoes and socks
each team starts at their end
The game starts when the sponge is thrown into the middle of the ground sheet and each team uses their mop to push the sponge to the other side like ice hockey
all mops must remain on the ground at all times.



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