Obstacle Relay

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A basic team relay with obstacles! Additional obstacles can be added if you like (dribbling a football through cones, egg & spoon etc)


PER TEAM: One skipping rope, one net, 3 plastic balls, one plastic hula hoop, one badminton racket and shuttlecock, one beanbag, plus any additional obstacles you might want to add


1. Split the Beavers into equal teams and line them up in single file
2. On the GO signal the first Beaver in the line runs to the first obstacle (a skipping rope) and skips to the second obstacle
3. At the second obstacle (net & plastic balls), they have to throw 3 balls into the net and then run on to obstacle 3
4. At obstacle 3 (plastic hoop), they have to skip through the plastic hoop onto obstacle 4
5. Obstacle 4 is a badminton racket and shuttlecock and they have to hit the shuttlecock up into the air whilst walking/running to obstacle 5
6. At obstacle 5 (a bean bag) they have to place the beanbag on their head and run/walk to the end of the course without the beanbag falling off
7. Once they have reached the end of the course, the Beaver runs back to his/her team and tags the next Beaver in the line to go
8. This is repeated until all the Beavers in the team have run
9. You will also need to have a couple of Leaders / Young Leaders/ Helpers on hand to put the equipment back into its correct place once use so that it is ready for the next racing Beaver



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