Beaver Bingo

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Team game linked to any theme


Relevant themed Beaver Bingo Set
Chairs (optional)


Lay out the hall; Line the chairs up horizontally across the end of the hall. Place buckets/ bowls on each chair. Split the bingo markers between them randomly.
Split the Colony up into Lodges.
Give each lodge a blank layout card.
Allocate one adult to monitor the buckets for cheating (pulling out more than one word set at a time.) One leader to control starting and stopping. Spread remaining adult help between the lodges to guide.
On the whistle, in relay format, one member from each lodge runs to any bucket and grabs a marker.
That member then brings it back to their lodge and tries to match it to their card.
The next person can run as soon as the first one is back.
Continue until the lodges' card is complete.
Check them; the first lodge completed quickest wins


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