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Patrol Leaders Training Task


Ropes or chalk to mark out minefield grid
Grid sheet with correct route marked out


Create a grid on the floor using the ropes, chalk or other method. The grid should be at least 4 squares wide by 8 squares deep. Mark the same layout on paper, and decide a route through the grid that the team will have to follow – the route can move horizontally, vertically or diagonally in any direction (see example below). Fill all other squares on the grid sheet with mines – do not mark the mines on the grid drawn out on the floor.

During the exercise, when the team step on a square containing a mine, say ‘ACTIVE’ to indicate that they have stepped on a mined square and ensure they clear the minefield within ten seconds; also mark that square on the sheet to show that fact. If they step on a primed square again, the team loses.


  • games
  • leadership
  • leadership team building
  • logic
  • Memory

Badge Links

  • Skills - Problem solving
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