Grid Cones Bearings Game

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3 x 3 square grid of cones clearly numbered 1-9. Teams navigate around this grid (+ Simpler Compass Point only version)


9 Cones, labelled 1 to 9, Compass for each participant, China graph pencil or dry wipe pen for each team, A4 laminator, scissors etc


You do not need the laminator to set up the game - its just recommended so you can use it more than once and map and compass skills need to be practiced many times before it becomes second nature. The attached word document has all the instructions which I have replicated from memory. This is an established activity, not on this site yet, so I am not claiming to be the author! I have run this several times for cubs and it is very engaging and educational. Great practice leading up to a hike, or at the beginning of a hike if you are staging your teams before they set-off.

For older participants you could add clues to the cones to be gathered as part of a code-cracking game
It could also be used at night outdoors as a wide game - night time navigation perhaps - not done that just a suggestion - don't forget your risk assessment.
Timing is the minimum, we have done this for longer.
Cubs love this one - good example of learning by doing and building up verifiable compass and navigation skills and confidence

Simpler version for Beavers (or younger cubs) using just compass points, rather than bearings is included.


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