The Fairground

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Patrol Leaders Training Task


4 tyres,
2 large planks
Water bottles
and 10 tennis balls


Teams get 4 tyres, 2 large planks and 10 tennis balls only tyres can touch the ground. Mark out the “dead man’s land” up to 20M long, along the way there must be several waterbottles sitting on buckets or walls with an area around them (5M Radius) in which no tyres can touch the ground. The aim of the challenge is to get from one side of the dead man’s land to the other, without touching the ground and knocking over all the bottles. If the rules are broken or the team runs out of balls the whole team and all equipment must go back to the start and all bottles must be stood back up. If the challenge appears to be too easy or too difficult try taking away or adding some bottles


  • leadership
  • leadership team building
  • logic

Badge Links

  • Skills - Problem solving
  • Teamwork - Team-building