The Chinese Water Trap

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Patrol Leaders Training Task


Hose pipe
3 x Buckets (the bucket must have a handle)
Some rope


This is a fun challenge for teams of 3 – 6. You will need 3 buckets, some hose pipe and some rope. Ideally the area you use has a couple of trees 5 – 10 meters apart but they only help and are not necessary. You will have a bucket at each tree and one 5 – 10 meters from the second. Bucket 1 would be full of water and the other 2 would be empty. The hose pipe should easily fit between buckets 1 & 2 but can’t stretch as far as 1 – 3. Between the buckets there will be a no-go-area; in these will be electric generators and if any equipment or water was to touch the generators they would blow up! The teams aim will be to fill up bucket no 3 with as much water as possible without blowing up the generators. This is a simple logic task. The task is timed – fastest team wins. Trees could be used to hoist buckets up to gain height and help water flow through the hose pipe.


  • leadership
  • leadership team building
  • logic

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